Consulting Services

Credit Report Analysis

A detailed credit report analysis is performed to assess credit and debt related problems, potential solutions and action plan resolution. The analysis will also detect errors that commonly occur on credit reports including; mistaken identity, obsolete or outdated information, cross-referenced accounts, duplication of accounts, incorrect payment history information, account balance errors, debt to equity ratio manipulation, incorrect personal information reported and unauthorized inquiries.

Debt Verification

Preparation of documentation to verify information reported to National Credit Reporting Agencies by creditors, collection agencies, and public record filings. Formal updating, correction or deletion of incorrect or outdated personal information reported.

Negotiation with Creditors and Bankruptcy Prevention

DPMC Consulting / DPMCUSA acts as a mediator with creditors to resolve debt issues. We will negotiate with creditors in an effort to satisfy client debts in full at negotiated reduced settlement amounts. If a debt cannot be settled by a reduced lump sum payment, agreements that meets both creditor requirements and our client's ability to make monthly payments are established.

Bankruptcy Recovery

Updating of credit reports to reflect correct reporting of accounts discharged under Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Updating of accounts reported under Chapter 13 Bankruptcy or Wage Earner Plan. Strategic solutions to reestablish both secured and unsecured credit lines after bankruptcy.

Defaulted Student Loan Resolution

If you have defaulted on a public or private student loan, we provide competent, effective student loan services that utilize various consolidation and rehabilitation strategies to remove student loans from default status. We also specialize in student loan default prevention and mediation. Mediation services include negotiations with the U.S. Department of Education, State Loan Guarantors, Public and Private Universities, Colleges and Collection Agents.

Identity Theft and Credit Fraud Resolution

If you are a victim of credit fraud, DPMC Consulting / DPMCUSA provides Identity Theft and Credit Fraud Resolution services. These services encompass researching the account(s) with the creditor reporting to the credit bureaus. Formal steps to have fraudulent debts removed from the credit report profile are taken. Updated credit report analysis is also performed to ensure accurate future reporting to credit reporting agencies.

Tax Lien and Judgment Resolution

If a Tax Lien or Civil Judgment has been filed against you, DPMC Consulting / DPMCUSA negotiates with the Internal Revenue Service, State and Local tax offices, lien holder(s) or parties that have filed judgments to arrive at reduced settlement amounts. If reduced settlement agreements are not possible, we will establish short or long-term installment agreements.

Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention

Negotiation and/or Mediation with Mortgage Lenders Loss Mitigation Departments, Internal Collection Department or Legal Representatives of the Lender to prevent Legal Foreclosure Proceedings and Sheriff Sale of Real Property (Residential/Commercial) through a combination of Workout Plans, Loan Modification or Loan Forbearance Programs.

Real Estate Short Sale Support

Direct Negotiation and Mediation with Mortgage Lenders Loss Mitigation Departments, Lender Short Sale Negotiators, Listing and Buyer Agents, and/or Property Owners to facilitate successful lender approval and sale of real property where the offered sales price is less than the loans value or what is owed to the primary mortgage holder.

Negotiation with Subordinated Lien-Holders (2nd or 3rd Mortgages) Loss Mitigation Departments and/or Short Sale Negotiators to accept less than the loans value or what is owed to release junior lien(s) on real property to allow sale of the property where the offered sales price is less than the loans value or the total amount(s) that are owed to multiple lenders.

Components of a Successful Short Sale:

** Notation **

Purchase Price and other terms of sale and transfer of the property are subject to final acceptance and approval of the Lender(s). This includes but is not limited to the Purchase Price, Earnest Money Deposit (Hand-Money), Buyers Requested Repairs, Limitations on Closing Cost Fees, Broker/Realtor Commissions and the Scheduled Closing Date.

Lenders who forgive a portion of debt as part of a Short Sale must submit a Form 1099 to the IRS indicating the amount of the debt forgiven. Forgiven debt could be taxable although the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007 (Pub L. 110-142) may allow it to be treated as non-taxable by the IRS if the property is in the foreclosure process. A Short Sale may also have other tax implications. You may consider consulting with a Accountant or Tax Attorney before starting the Short Sale process.