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Economic Impact

Reasons for Credit Restoration

  • Business and Commercial Loans for Financial Leverage
  • Restructuring Current Debt(s) to Increase Monthly Cash Flow
  • Mortgage Qualification / Home Ownership and Refinancing Options at Lower Rates
  • Consolidation of Debt and Debt Reduction Strategies
  • Professional Development and Increased Employment Opportunities
  • Self Improvement (Single ) / Joint Improvement (Married)
  • To Obtain Educational Loans, Grants and Scholarships
  • Consumer Empowerment and Awareness "Knowing and Understanding Consumer Credit Protection Rights"

Psychological Effects of Credit Related Problems

  • The "Poor Mentality" - Limited Financial Resources
  • Lack of Motivation "A Broken Spirit" / Psychological Stagnation
  • Negative Foreshadowing of Filing for Bankruptcy Due to Financial Difficulties
  • Low Self Esteem / Self Pity and Degradation / Displaced Anger and Hostilities Against Innocents
  • Domestic and Family Problems / Separation / Divorce
  • Eminent Fear of Legal Action by Creditors
  • Manifestation of Psychological and Physical Health Problems